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Medill people know how to throw a party….

Here’s Elana, Andy and Brian….

As for a theme, we really wanted to do “Celebrating Freedom, Honoring Service”, but it was taken.
So if everyone could bring something from 1 of the basic 4 food groups (appetizers, wine, beer,
wine), we will be providing a smashing main dish.

Hope to see you all there!
– Elana, Helena & Joan

These girls have an amazing house!
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because my dad sounded disappointed…

He sounded sad that I didn’t take a picture with the new U.S. Senator from Illinois. For some reason…people are under the impression that I take pictures while I’m shooting a story and doing interviews. Plus – it was my first assignment on the first day of classes and I didn’t want the capitol hill big whigs to think I was unprofessional.

Here’s me (bottom right-hand corner) with Senator Obama. I did a screen-capture from the video that was digitzed to our Avid machines.

Since I’m moving with the big boys from the networks – I probably won’t whip out my camera for blog photo-ops. It doesn’t seem professional nor do I want my interview subjects to feel like I’m idolizing them. The Freedom Ball was an exception because Inaugurations only come once a year…plus I saw some other network people taking pictures. Monkey see – monkey do.

Ok – so….there you go.

Celebrating freedom…..and free speech.

I started taking pictures of people on their way to Inauguration….on the red line…before getting into the newsroom….I figured I just wanted to soak up the whole day…..

I also went to the Freedom Ball – as a member of the press core. It turns out my station passed on picking up the interviews and the Bush/Cheney speeches…but that’s ok….I went to inaugural….and that was cool….Bush and the First Lady danced to My Fair Lady’s “I Could Have Danced All Night.”
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learning the ropes of DC and the newsroom…

On my first shoot – Lauren showed me one way to get between the different capitol buildings – by a private subway…

looks like something out of disneyland…security is tight on Capitol Hill – we had to take all this equipment off the dolly and load each through a metal detector. Since I didn’t have my official press pass – I had this temp press badge that changes color if I left one building and walked outside to another building. So this capitol subway enabled me to avoid the hypercolor change on my badge.
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70 degrees

Saturday was beautiful and I worked up a sweat, walking through downtown DC….I’m kinda in awe of this place….I remember visiting a while ago with family – but we were stuck on a bus tour…we didn’t get to see much of the district. So, I’m happy for the chance to walk around and all the signs, pointing to touristy stuff, made navigation a breeze.
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