70 degrees

Saturday was beautiful and I worked up a sweat, walking through downtown DC….I’m kinda in awe of this place….I remember visiting a while ago with family – but we were stuck on a bus tour…we didn’t get to see much of the district. So, I’m happy for the chance to walk around and all the signs, pointing to touristy stuff, made navigation a breeze.

Apparently 70 degrees was rare for DC – in the beginning of January. Mark promised me colder weather for my first week of school. I’m just grateful we didn’t have to battle any storms on our way here from Buffalo….

Talk about a back-seat driver.

On our Saturday walk….we were looking for a skating rink at the Mall. We saw the EPA building. It was big.

For lunch, we stopped at Harry’s. Funny…we had lunch at Harry’s in Paris. I don’t know if it’s a chain….anyways – Mark had an All-American meal of an American burger, with American cheese and a Sam Adams to wash it all down.

We also saw the Washington Monument at sunset.

Plenty of folks playing frisbee and other games on the Mall.

The skating rink was closed, by the time we found it….outside the garden of sculptures…the rink is open until March – so I’ll have plenty of time to see if I can still jump…or fall and make a fool of myself…inside DC.