New Year’s Eve

We found a New Year’s Eve Party under $30 at Nation’s.

Great drum and bass music…

Nation’s off the Navy Yard Metro Stop….we learned the hard way about driving through downtown DC – just don’t do it. Madness, absolute chaos on those roads. We tried to follow some lousy mapquest directions to a Cal Alumni Holdiay Bowl party in Arlington – and we kept making U-turns. By the time we got to the party – Cal was already breaking fans hearts….I guess the team would rather be playing the Rose Bowl….and that gave the biased ESPN commentators plenty of ammo to rip into the Golden Bears and proclaim the Pac 10 Conference to be a shoddy one….sheesh. These jerks said Cal didn’t deserve to play in the Rose Bowl, especially after it’s Holiday Bowl performance. They also said USC didn’t deserve to be in such a lousy conference. Screw ’em.

In any event….we danced the night away at Nations – drank over-priced drinks….and wished each other and strangers Happy New Year’s – on the dance floor.

Then we got hungry – so we found a Domino’s Pizza and ordered some breadsticks and pizza….we had to wait for our order while sitting on the sidewalk….yeah, talk about starting our New Year’s off right.