Celebrating freedom…..and free speech.

I started taking pictures of people on their way to Inauguration….on the red line…before getting into the newsroom….I figured I just wanted to soak up the whole day…..

I also went to the Freedom Ball – as a member of the press core. It turns out my station passed on picking up the interviews and the Bush/Cheney speeches…but that’s ok….I went to inaugural….and that was cool….Bush and the First Lady danced to My Fair Lady’s “I Could Have Danced All Night.”

on the eve of the inauguration – I went with Mark to Filene’s Basement and found a $40 gown. Reporters and random strangers liked the outfit. I try not to think about how those strangers dropped hundreds of dollars to be at the event….After thinking about it….I don’t think I really belonged there as a guest…the media was treated like the media….I didn’t get to dance…but I did witness another American tradition – that only happens every four years…

first…protestors….Wes had a request for pictures of protestors…here you go.

Some were local – Balitmore, Fairfax, DC….others came from Chicago and San Francisco….

At the beginning of the parade route – by around 4th Street – the bulk of the protestors had bleacher seats. While I logged the parade video….it was erie listening to the beginning of the parade – boos, whistles and cheers. It was difficult to determine if folks were happy to see Bush or upset.

Now…the Freedom Ball.

Here’s Suz working for an Alabama paper….I was looking for Republicans from Illinois.

The ball was held inside Union Station….I had to carry camera gear and a tripod in this dress…..I also wore heels. That was a stupid idea.

Joan was looking for Colorado folks. Rick Shroder from NYPD Blues MC-ed the event.

As members of the broadcast media – we had our own spot….it was in front of Reuters. CNN had the sweet spot – above the dance floor….plus Anderson Cooper was able to waltz out, without a media escort, and do his stand-up in the middle of the crowd.


Joan was an awesome camerawoman.

It was an interesting ball.