Daily Archives: January 27, 2005

because my dad sounded disappointed…

He sounded sad that I didn’t take a picture with the new U.S. Senator from Illinois. For some reason…people are under the impression that I take pictures while I’m shooting a story and doing interviews. Plus – it was my first assignment on the first day of classes and I didn’t want the capitol hill big whigs to think I was unprofessional.

Here’s me (bottom right-hand corner) with Senator Obama. I did a screen-capture from the video that was digitzed to our Avid machines.

Since I’m moving with the big boys from the networks – I probably won’t whip out my camera for blog photo-ops. It doesn’t seem professional nor do I want my interview subjects to feel like I’m idolizing them. The Freedom Ball was an exception because Inaugurations only come once a year…plus I saw some other network people taking pictures. Monkey see – monkey do.

Ok – so….there you go.