Medill people know how to throw a party….

Here’s Elana, Andy and Brian….

As for a theme, we really wanted to do “Celebrating Freedom, Honoring Service”, but it was taken.
So if everyone could bring something from 1 of the basic 4 food groups (appetizers, wine, beer,
wine), we will be providing a smashing main dish.

Hope to see you all there!
– Elana, Helena & Joan

These girls have an amazing house!

It’s been snowing….and it’s been cold….still is cold – so it was nice to have some comfort food – meat, garlic mashed potatoes, collard greens, and more…..and hang out with good company…

Shawna, Elisabeth and Bonnie….Shawna wanted us to “eat the damn salad.”

Helana and Will sharing a toast.

Here’s Carmen hiding from the camera…and she’s in broadcast….then again – most folks in broadcast HATE being on camera….

Andrea, Samira, Carmen and Shawna chatting about girl stuff…

Chuck is eavesdropping on the girl talk….

typical Chuck pose

Mike was another chef in the kitchen…..he’s with Joan, Stacy and Chuck.

Joan’s making dessert….KISS the cook.