Daily Archives: February 28, 2005

Um…Go Wizards?

We went out to the ESPN Zone for a light dinner. This wacky DC Wizards mascot roared into the bar on a pit bike…then he hopped on the railing and wobbled his beer belly around. I’m not sure if it’s an animal or alien

Western PA

kelsey spinning on the kitchen floor
We took a spin down the 270…and then I didn’t pay attention and we missed a turn off for the PA Turnpike…eventually, we made it into the down of Butler. We visited Kane – Mark’s best friend and his best man for our wedding…

It was a relaxing President’s Day Weekend. Kane and Missy were lovely hosts. Yummy home-cooked food and three adorable girls. We played Clue and Spades on our last night. I rocked that game!

A quick side note…I’m posting pix to flickr.com. We’ll see how this work’s out. Click on Kelsey’s spinning pix – if you want to see bigger pix.

Louie came along….I tried to introduce him to the girls – but they started pulling him away…and I figured Louie wasn’t ready to play with them. I’ve seen what they did to their toys. Louie’s a world traveler…and well…he’s not just any toy.

Louie can't figure out the remote control

Here’s me, Louie – trying to figure out Kane’s cool TV. It’s too complicated for a simple bear like me. Too many clickers.
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Remember Iwo Jima


Originally uploaded by queenkv.

As my photographer got some b-roll of this famous image from World War II – I snapped some pix of the memorial immortalizing the flag raising at Iwo Jima. I met a Kentucky Veteran who remembered crying when he first saw the flag raised up on the Japanese island.

As side note – the flag was hoisted up twice….someone in the chain of command thought the first flag was too small. So they got a bigger one. The second raising was photographed and that’s the one history remembers.