Medill hits the slopes…

Suzelle, Andrea and Chuck take a break from the slopes
Andrea convinced us to drop what we’re doing and head up to the Whitetail Ski Resort in PA.
I’m quite happy I followed her advice.

Sure, we had a final paper and presentation due on Monday….

Sure, I had to produce a 27 minute news magazine by next week…..
But those are not good enough excuses to miss out on a beautiful day for skiing – sunny, powder snow and hardly any winds.

….and I’m hosting these pix on Flickr again…

Chuck and Andrea make it off the lift

Honey Bear talks about life before the park..

And my Louie decides to tag along….he missed the snow very much. He’s a polar bear. It figures.

Honey Bear talks about life before the park..

Queenkv ontop of the mountain

Chuck celebrates….it his first time skiing….he did great. He managed to tackle a few blue square runs….it’s like skating. He’s a hockey skater. He figured it out.

Andrea riding the lift

Suzelle calms Chuck down on the lift….it’s a big drop…

Mark getting ready to hit a blue square slope

Medill Snow Bunnies

Mark makes Queenkv a snow angel…because she asked nicely

Louie loves the snow…

Louie stowaways for a quick green circle run

Louie shows his mommy he knows how to ski

Ski Louie Ski!

One thought on “Medill hits the slopes…

  1. Faith

    Way to go Louie!!! You didn’t need your mommy’s help on the slopes apparently. Looks like Mommy and Mark did really well. Faith can’t ski, I just roll down the hills. Our entire senior class went to the slopes in Boone, needless to say 3/4th of us just rolled down the slopes HAHAHA. I don’t think that is allowed, but oh well. Good job guys.

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