Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge and other cool things in DC…


On my last day of class, I headed over to the Press Club to see LeVar Burton talk.

I’m such a trekker…

Joan covered the event as part of her in-depth package on the state of PBS. I just wanted to snap some pix of the Chief Engineer of the Enterprise….I was also darn tickled when I ran into him at the elevators:

“Hi. How are you doing?” Burton asked me.
“Good.” and the elevator doors closed. All by myself, I started jumping up and down in the elevators. I was tickled.


On my last week of school, a Medill Alum invited us to see a taping of Nightline. She’s a producer there.

We watched George Stephanopoulos interview a military couple in Fort Hood. Then he said what’s up to us in the control room.

We also checked out their offices and their edit bays.


…and this is the first podium used by Ted Kopple on Nightline.