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shots from the field

This is from a rally I covered the day after the State of the Union….they wanted to save social security…stuff like that. It was a Democratic blitz.

Here’s me at the White House….I’m just down the line from the CNN and NBC reporters. I had to call a day in advance to arrange for this shoot – the white house peeps needed our social’s. This is probably as close as I’m getting to the White House….for some time now. It was snowing. It was cold.

because my dad sounded disappointed…

He sounded sad that I didn’t take a picture with the new U.S. Senator from Illinois. For some reason…people are under the impression that I take pictures while I’m shooting a story and doing interviews. Plus – it was my first assignment on the first day of classes and I didn’t want the capitol hill big whigs to think I was unprofessional.

Here’s me (bottom right-hand corner) with Senator Obama. I did a screen-capture from the video that was digitzed to our Avid machines.

Since I’m moving with the big boys from the networks – I probably won’t whip out my camera for blog photo-ops. It doesn’t seem professional nor do I want my interview subjects to feel like I’m idolizing them. The Freedom Ball was an exception because Inaugurations only come once a year…plus I saw some other network people taking pictures. Monkey see – monkey do.

Ok – so….there you go.