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On our second to last day of classes – the professors brought in cake and champagne into the newsroom….ok – it should be called ‘sparkling wine’ – since the alcoholic stuff wasn’t made in the region of Champagne, France.

Still…students pulled themselves away from their computers and stories….and joined the news bureau for toasts to the quarter and to each other.

One big happy family…

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a new uniform…

Stacy and Carmen show off the new broadcast uniform….[click for bigger pix]

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Mary said the caption should be “….two old fogies from the 1970’s…”
another idea for a caption: Medill’s Mary Coffman introduces us to her former partner in crime: NBC’s Hampton Pearson. They show us the ropes on producing live reports without looking like fools.

learning the ropes of DC and the newsroom…

On my first shoot – Lauren showed me one way to get between the different capitol buildings – by a private subway…

looks like something out of disneyland…security is tight on Capitol Hill – we had to take all this equipment off the dolly and load each through a metal detector. Since I didn’t have my official press pass – I had this temp press badge that changes color if I left one building and walked outside to another building. So this capitol subway enabled me to avoid the hypercolor change on my badge.
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