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Memorial hopping…

Andre walks down the National Mall
We parked our car by the White House and walked down to the National Mall…saw a bunch of monuments and memorial…Steph said we must have walked at least 5 miles – from the Lincoln Memorial to the Jefferson Memorial…I know…that’s a lot of walking for a little bear like Andre.


On our way to the mall, we passed by the FDIC….your bank better be insured by these people.

More Washington Monument pix

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Celebrating freedom…..and free speech.

I started taking pictures of people on their way to Inauguration….on the red line…before getting into the newsroom….I figured I just wanted to soak up the whole day…..

I also went to the Freedom Ball – as a member of the press core. It turns out my station passed on picking up the interviews and the Bush/Cheney speeches…but that’s ok….I went to inaugural….and that was cool….Bush and the First Lady danced to My Fair Lady’s “I Could Have Danced All Night.”
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